Control Parasites, Small Animals and Birds

You can implement the strategies used in organic farming to control potential problems in your modular garden.

What is the best way to prevent and control insect pests and diseases?

If possible, you should avoid growing the same variety of plants within one modular garden container. You must create biodiversity by increasing the variety of plants, by grouping or mixing plants, and by inviting beneficial insects.

All are insects harmful?

No! Only a small number of insects are. Many insects are beneficial and can be valuable allies.

Are “insect hotels” effective?

What should you do once you notice a problem with your plants?

It is critical to properly identify the problem, because what you do will be different if it is a pest or a disease. You must also define the extent of the problem in order to adapt your action plan.

How to control insect pests?

  • Cut off the affected part
  • Cover the plants with a loose piece of material
  • Manually collect insects
  • Install sex pheromone traps
  • Use low impact biocides or pesticides

By using a loose piece of material, you prevent insect pests from accessing the plants. Be careful, for in the case of fruits-vegetables, you also prevent pollinators from doing their job. You have to strike a balance.

Which low-impact insecticides are effective against insect pests?

  • Garlic-based decoction : use against a large variety of insect pests
  • Chili pepper decoction : use against soft-bodied insects such as aphids
  • Insecticidal soap : use against aphids, white flies, mites, scale insects, etc.
  • Neem : use against many insects
  • Btk : use against caterpillars

How can you control diseases?

The alternatives boil down to :

  • Cutting off the affected part
  • Using low impact biocides or pesticides

Which low-impact fungicides are effective against insect pests?

  • Lime Sulfur : use against black spots, scab, rust and powdery mildew
  • Bordeaux mixture : use against leaf spots, mildew and rus
  • Baking soda : use to prevent powdery mildew, mildew, gray rot, leaf spot, rust, etc.

How to prevent rodents and birds from accessing your plants?

  • Cover your modular garden with a netting that you can find in specialized stores.
  • Cut it to fit the dimensions of your garden.
  • Allow the net to fall a significant length over the bins to prevent any intrusion.
  • If rodents try to get under the net, fix it in place by using a string that wraps completely around the container.
  • Adjust the net regularly so that the plants do not get tangled in the mesh.

The modular garden

Perfect for gardening in tight spaces. A balcony garden with multiple patterns, allowing you to grow flowers, herbs and garden vegetables