Tips for an easier harvest

Here are some tips to make gardening in your modular garden more enjoyable and efficient.


in order to limit diseases on the foliage, place an organic mulch at the base of your tomato plants. When watering, avoid wetting the leaves by spraying as close to the ground as possible.


it often happens that the first zucchini flowers die off. Don’t panic? It’s normal. After a few days, the female flowers will be fertilized and fruit will soon appear, followed by others.


don’t wait too long to harvest your eggplant. In fact, eggplant has to be picked when immature, otherwise they will be acrid and tasteless. Depending on the variety, pick them when they reach the desired size.


purchase a tutor for your cucumbers, especially for English cucumber plants. They tend to grow poorly and produce less if the foliage doesn’t have adequate ventilation, which is the case when they run along the ground.

Peppers or Chillies

because of the weight of the fruit, it is sometimes necessary to install a tutor to prevent your plants from breaking. Fix the stake close to the main stem and attach the branches that bear the most fruit.


harvest the kale leaves as the plant grows. The younger the leaves, the more tender and tasty they are.


to optimize the space in your modular garden, plant 3 or 4 bean plants together. This will make the plants more compact and allow you to harvest more beans.

Lettuce and Mesclun

during the summer, because of the heat, it is often difficult to grow lettuce. If you don’t have access to new plants, plant mesclun and bring more diversity to your salads.

Swiss chard

you can harvest the outer stems of Swiss chard as your plant grows. In addition to cooking the stems, you can also use the leaves in salads, or braise them.


don’t worry if your arugula is flowering, as the flowers are both edible and decorative.


once your onions start to form a bulb, avoid over-watering. Excessive spraying makes plants more susceptible to disease and the onions become less tasty.


to lengthen the parsnips, reduce watering once they begin to form. The plant will be forced to draw water from the bottom of the bin and the harvest will be more abundant.

The modular garden

Perfect for gardening in tight spaces. A balcony garden with multiple patterns, allowing you to grow flowers, herbs and garden vegetables