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Robust, lightweight and safe for all surfaces

Well Designed

  1. Lightweight and sturdy aluminum head
  2. 3 sharp edges to dig into snow or ice
  3. Protective pads
  4. 5 ft heavy-duty slide allowing snow blocks to glide easily off the roof

Easy Assembly

Instructions included in the box

Light and Sturdy Telescopic Handle

The oval-shaped extended reach aluminum handle and its anti-slip coating provide an excellent grip. Handle length is easily adjustable using the large buttons designed for use with gloves or mittens. Durable and resistant to cold and various weather conditions!

Shingle and sheet metal roofs

Medium to large accumulation

Cuts through heavy and hard snow

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16.5pi 5,03m


Sturdy, lightweight, and safe for all surfaces! The poly head easily pulls snow towards you, off the roof. Its lightweight material is safe to use on different types of surfaces, including car shelters. Ideal for light to medium accumulations of freshly fallen snow.

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16.5pi 5,03m


Sturdy, lightweight, and versatile for different snow conditions! The light aluminum head easily pulls snow towards you, off the roof. Even if its sharp edge makes it easy to break through hardened snow or ice, its protective pads make it safe for surfaces, leaving a thin layer of snow on the roof. Ideal for light to medium accumulations of light to hardened snow.

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20pi 6,4m


Making snow slide off the roof is easy! The sturdy aluminum head, with its sharp vertical edges, helps to dig into hardened snow and ice, and the slide will safely dislodge snow blocks to make them slide down with minimal effort. The roof rake protects surfaces with its protective pads that leave a thin layer of snow on the roof. Ideal for medium to large accumulations of heavy and hardened snow, this roof rake won’t let you down for heavy-duty tasks.

Key Tips for Roof Snow Removal

1. When to clear your roof

It’s always easier to remove snow from your roof when it’s fresh and has just fallen. After a few consecutive days of heavy snowfall, it’s time to clear your roof! If you have a low-pitched roof, it may be a good idea to remove snow from the surface more often. Some signs that the weight of snow and ice is too heavy on your roof can also be seen inside the house: doors rubbing, creaking, cracks appearing on the walls or ceiling… Don’t wait too long!

2. How to safely remove snow from your roof

It is always safer to work from the ground. Use the snow rake that best suits your needs and take advantage of the telescopic handle to reach the top of the roof. It’s also a good idea to leave a thin layer of snow on the roof during snow removal. This will prevent the risk of damage to the surface and reducing the water tightness of your membrane. Tools with protective pads are designed to leave a sufficient amount of snow on your roof.

3. Don’t forget the car shelter!

Your canvas shelter should also be cleared regularly, ideally after each accumulation of snow. After a period of freezing rain, clear snow immediately to keep your shelter from collapsing. Never use a shovel or any other tool to remove snow from inside your shelter! This could create holes in the canvas with the weight of the snow above. Always remove snow from outside the shelter and pull the snow from the ground using a telescopic rake. Choose a snow rake that is safe for the canvas, such as Garant’s poly plastic roof rake or our multi-surface snow rake featuring a scratch-free foam head.